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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Are You Anxious Quiz

Let’s test whether you are suffering from anxiety disorder.

  1. Do you experience shortness of breath, heart palpitation or shaking while at rest?
  2. Do you have a fear of losing control or going crazy?
  3. Do you avoid social situations because of fear?
  4. Do you have fears of specific objects?
  5. Do you fear that you will be in a place or situation from which you cannot escape?
  6. Do you feel afraid of leaving your home?
  7. Do you have recurrent thoughts or images that refuse to go away?
  8. Do you feel compelled to perform certain activities repeatedly?
  9. Do you persistently relive an upsetting event from the past?

Answering “Yes” to more than four of these questions can indicate an anxiety disorder.


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